Lee Kit

Born in 1978, Hong Kong. Lee Kit has in recent years presented paintings that focus on quotidian objects, like various kinds of skincare products (Nivea, Vaseline), and works that address seemingly ordinary daily rituals, like having a cup of tea. He is represented in New York by Lombard-Freid Projects, and was included in the 2012 New Museum Triennial, the 2012 Liverpool Biennial, and recent exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Artist Lee Kit has been selected to represent Hong Kong at the 2013 Venice Biennale.

李傑,1978年於香港出生。李傑以不同的媒體創作,包括繪畫、錄 像、雕塑、裝置及與表演有關的場景,其作品均受到高度評價。他善於運用微妙柔和的色調及反映日常生活的各個層面。近期個人展覽計劃備受矚目,包括於香港國際藝術展 (ART HK 12)Aike-Dellarco 畫廊《Something in my hands》(2012),他於該展獲得「藝術世界之未來」大獎;在巴塞爾藝術博覽會於奧沙畫廊展出《How to set up a room for Johnny》(2011),是首位參與該藝術博覽會的香港藝術家,以及溫哥華Western Front《Henry》(2011)。李傑作品曾在世界各地重要博物館展出,包括泰德現代美術館《No soul for sale》(2010)、紐約現代藝術博物館的《Print/Out》(2012)及紐約 The New Museum《The Ungovernables》(2012)。李傑將代表香港在第55屆威尼斯藝術雙年展展出。