Jawshing Arthur Liou

Jawshing Arthur Liou (b.1968) currently lives and works in Indiana, USA. Liou works with photography, video, and electronic imaging to create video installations depicting nonexistent surreal spaces. Using sources ranging from landscapes to oil paint to the human body, much of Liou’s work is related to Buddhist concepts of impermanence, meditations on nature and spirituality, and coping with the illness of his daughter. Liou’s videos and prints are in numerous public and private collections. He has participated in major international shows such as “State of the Art : Discovering American Art Now” at Minneapolis Institute of Arts (USA, 2016), Sharjah Biennial 12 (2015), SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul (2014), “State of the Art : Discovering American Art Now”, Crystal Bridges Museum (USA, 2014) and “TURE COLORS”, the 6th Yebisu International Festival For Art & Alternative Visions, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2014).

劉肇興 ,1968年生於台灣中壢,畢業於佛羅里達大學藝術研究所,主修跨媒材創作及攝影。劉肇興的錄影和平面作品,在美國受到許多公共及私人的收藏。近年重要的收錄及展覽包括日本東京都攝影美術館、國立台灣美術館、休士頓美術館、印地安納波里斯美術館、當代攝影美術館(芝加哥)和首爾美術館。近期活動包括:水晶橋美國藝術博物館策劃之巡迴展 ”State of the Art : Discovering American Art Now” 第二站 (美國明尼亞波利斯美術館, 2016)、第12屆沙迦雙年展 (2015)、水晶橋美國藝術博物館 (State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now, 2014) 、台北市立美術館個展 (藏地轉行, 2014)、第六屆東京惠比壽國際影像藝術祭 (Yebisu International Festival for Art – True Colors, 2014) 、Mediacity Seoul 雙年展 (2014)、紐澳良電影節 (2012)、SIGGRAPH 國際年會展 (2011)、台北鳳甲美術館個展 (血誌異浪, 2011)、台灣美術雙年展(2010)。劉肇興目前任教於美國印地安那大學藝術系教授兼系主任。