Kuo Hsin-Hui

Born 1984 in Keelung. Graduated From Taipei National University of the Arts with M.F.A degree in New Media Art. Form of his work included moving image and kinetic installation.

Kuo’s major works mainly focuses on discovering the vertigo experience through orbiting subjective viewpoint on the move, related to themes as Aiming, Axis and Balance. These continuous recalibration and dislocation are not only related to the creator’s inner, daily body experience, but also connect to Taiwan’s multiple colonized process from past – A restless experience who were forced to readjust in order to fit in the new external standard, and yet, project a continuous persuasion toward “Future”(Stability) from the country’s suspended situation. He has participated in many international exhibitions and festivals, such as “12ème festival Bandits-Mages” (France, 2011) , “International Streaming Festival {The Hague} – 6th edition” (The Netherlands/ World Wide Web), “Kuala Lumpor Experimental Film & Video Festival”(Malaysia, 2011), “SIMULTAN #7 – “Imaginary”, Festival for electronic arts and music”(Romania,2011), “12th European Media Art Festival”(Germany, 2012). In 2012, he was as an resident artist at Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] in Montreal, Canada, 2014 received “S-An Art Award" (Taipei, Taiwan),

He currently lives and works in Taipei.

郭信輝(1984)出生於台灣,畢業於國立臺北藝術大學新媒體藝術研究所,目前創作、生活於臺北。擅長動態影像、機械動力、空間裝置等創作形式。曾多次參與海內外展覽及藝術節,包含2011年「Bandits-Mages」(法國)、「International Streaming Festival」(荷蘭)、「KLEX 吉隆坡實驗電影節」(馬來西亞)、「MovingFrames數位藝術節」(希臘),2012年「EMAF-歐洲媒體藝術節」(德國),2012年獲國美館遴選前往加拿大SAT科技藝術中心進行駐地創作計劃及發表,2014年獲得「世安美學獎」,2015年於台北其玟畫廊發表個展「屏幕的深度」。