Chen Chieh-Jen

Chen Chieh-Jen(b.1960) currently lives and works in Taipei. He received the National Award for Arts in 2009. Chen Chieh-Jen has built a body of work that explores issues of globalization, capital, labour, migration, and the impact of these forces on individuals. His major video works include "Lingchi-Echoes of Historial Photography" (2002), "Factory" (2003), "The Route" (2006), "Military Cout and Prison" (2008), "Empire’s Borders I " (2008-2009), "Empire’s Borders II " (2010), "Happiness Building I " (2012), "Realm of Reverberations" (2014).

陳界仁,出生於1960年,2009年獲國家文藝獎,目前定居及創作於台北。陳界仁的作品主題在探討全球化、資本、勞工及移民等議題對現今社會的我們所帶來的影響。他的重要作品包括《凌遲考:一張歷史照片的迴音》( 2002),《加工廠》(2003),《路徑圖》(2006),《軍法局》(2008),《帝國邊界 I》(2008-2009),《帝國邊界 II》(2010),《幸福大廈》(2012,《殘響世界》(2014)。