Tou Yun-Fei

Yun-Fei Tou (b.1975) graduated from Rhode Island School of Design receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1998. Between 1999 and 2009, he worked as a professional photojournalist. Since 2010, he has independently pursued fine art photography while focusing on various social issues in Taiwan, where he lives. His work incorporates a variety of artistic and conceptual approaches.

MEMENTO MORI has been exhibited in many international as well as local art spaces and galleries. In 2011, MEMENTO MORI was featured in PROVOCATION, a juried, invitational exhibition held during the New York Photo Festival; in 2012, the series was awarded Grand Prize by "The 10th Taoyuan Creation Award" in Taiwan. MEMENTO MORI was recognized by PhotoShelter as being a “Notable Photography Project” in 2012. This body of work has been published in numerous news and media circles around the world including: Der Spiegel, Daily Mail, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, and the Huffington Post.

杜韻飛出生於1975年,於羅德島設計學院取得攝影系純藝術學士學位(1998)。 1999-2009年之間從事專業報導攝影,2010年起,杜韻飛以攝影為主要媒材開始 獨立創作。他以台灣所觀察的社會現象為題材,經由藝術的手法再呈現。其作品 《生殤相》曾於國內外數處藝廊與藝文空間展出,2011年時入選紐約攝影節評審 邀請展“PROVOCATION”,2012年獲第十屆桃源創作獎首獎。

《生殤相》同時獲得全世界重要傳媒的關注, 如《明鏡周刊》、《每日郵報》、《華盛頓郵報》、《洛杉磯時報》、《波士頓先驅報》、《哈芬頓郵報》等數十 國多家媒體陸續報導。Photoshelter將《生殤相》選為2012年度值得關注的攝影計 畫之一。現定居創作在台北。