Huang Chih-Yang

Born in 1965, currently lives and works in Beijing. Huang participated in the "Time Spirit and Ink and Color", Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1989, the same year he graduated from university. For the past decade, Huang has participated in several exhibitions including “ Vision of Pluralism “Contemporary Art in Taiwan, China Art Museum, Beijing, National of Art. Taipei, 1999; "Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity, MOCA Shanghai", 2006 and "Language/Environment Museum of Contemporyry Art Beijing", 2007.

黃致陽出生於1965年,目前定居創作於北京。黃致陽1989年畢業於文化大學美術系,同年便參加台北市立美術館主辦的「墨與彩的時代性現代水墨展」。黃致陽曾參加過許多重要展覽,包括 “Inside Out” 銳變中的華人當代藝術 紐約亞洲文化協會,PS1美術館舊金山現代美術館國際巡迴展(1999),上海文獻展:[ 入境中國美學 ] 上海當代藝術(2006),第六屆深圳當代雕塑藝術展 ─ 透視的景觀,何香凝美術館 OCT 當代藝術中心(2007)